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Graduate Institute of Multilingual Translation and Interpreting



Degree Offered: M.A. in Translation & Interpreting



     The Graduate Institute of Multilingual Translation and Interpreting (GIMTI) strives to train multilingual highly qualified translators and interpreters, international conference professionals, translation engineers for the software and web localization industry, language database experts, editors, and translation/interpreting project managers. With multilingual proficiency, translation/interpreting skills, and multi-disciplinary knowledge, our graduate students are expected to become experienced translators and interpreters, as well as communication experts.


Special Features and Curriculum Design:

     Students are required to complete 47credits and pass the examination of their M.A. thesis before their graduation: 37 credits from compulsory courses (including 6 credits for thesis and 5 credits for internship) and 10 credits from optional courses.


Courses include:

     General Translation (FL TO CH), General Translation (CH TO FL), Consecutive Interpreting(FL-CH), Consecutive Interpreting(CH-FL), Professional Translation (FL-CH), Professional Translation (CH-FL), Professional Consecutive Interpreting (FL –CH), Professional Consecutive Interpreting (CH-FL), Interpreting Skills, Translation Theories, Computer-Aided Translation and Project Management, Research Methodologies, Legal Translation (CH-EN,EN-CH), Simultaneous Interpreting (EN-CH), Simultaneous Interpreting (CH-EN), Sight Translation (CH-FL,FL-CH), Scientific Translation (CH-FL,FL-CH), Audio and Visual Translation (CH-FL,FL-CH) and Second Foreign Language.





     Due to remarkable adaptability, GIMTI graduates have many careers open to them as freelance or staff translators and/or interpreters and for the language business in general: translation agencies, radio and television, press, banking, advertising, public relations and many others.

     Moreover, cultural events in theaters and museums, exhibitions, tourism and festivals generate many conferences and international meetings. Their success depends on the professional liaison between language and culture and thus relies on qualified interpreters and translators to ensure fluent communication and prepare the publication of brochures, catalogs and multilingual programs.

     Also, official authorities, such as: governmental services, the courts, diplomatic missions, non-governmental and international organizations such as ADB, APEC, ASEAN, BCIE, ICC, IOC, ITUC, WCL, WFTU and WTO offer exceptional job opportunities.

     To meet the demand for teaching staff, our graduates can also acquire teaching competence in translation/interpreting or in other language services.

     Over the past decades, the wave of globalization has indeed considerably changed the politico-economic scene and today’s business constantly highlights the need for multilingualism. GIMTI’s aim is to meet those new market demands and ensure future graduates enjoy successful careers.


2. Academic:

     PhD in translation/interpreting studies, foreign language studies, literature, linguistics, media or communication studies, cultural studies, international relations, international business and trade, foreign language teaching and other relevant disciplines.