• 字級大小

Department of Translation and Interpreting

     The department enhances practical translation skills with classroom instruction as the foundation, and facilitates teaching on e-learning and translation practice courses; translation/interpreting techniques are delivered to students through the use of authentic materials and simulation of the real world of conference interpretation. To increase students’ practical experiences and to achieve the goal of combining theory with practice, we encourage students to work as interns in the Szuyuan Translation Service and other companies, or apply for internship opportunities to work as receptionists or translators/interpreters at international events and conferences.


Graduate Institute of Multilingual Translation and Interpreting

     The Graduate Institute of Multilingual Translation and interpreting strives to train highly qualified translators and interpreters, international conference multilingual professionals, language database export editors, and translation/interpreting project managers. Equipped with multilingual proficiency, translation/interpreting students are expected to become experienced translators and interpreters, as well as communication specialist/experts employed by the language service industry.