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 Prospects after Graduation


Prospects after graduation After leaving school, the graduates can tread on language- and translation-related careers because of the course design, such as a secretary of international business, an assistant of business negotiators, a domestic or international airline employee, a tour guide, a translator and/or an interpreter, an English teacher, a news editorial planning staff, and a guide in cultural industries (museums, art galleries, Academia Historica, etc.).

During four years of studies, students will take language-related, both in Chinese and English, and professional courses which are beneficial for future careers, such as international business, MICE, tourism, media, translation, publishing, literature and culture, and so on. After graduation, some students will continue their MA studies in foreign countries or in Taiwan.


According to the employment Index, most of graduates will enter the workforce immediately, and some of them will continue their studies.


We can see that, courses and trainings provided by the department are very helpful for the graduates if they want to tread on different fields, especially their outstanding performance in technology, business, and international affairs because we put tremendous focus on the policy of job training by yearly hosting related conference and workshop, frequently inviting experienced translators and interpreters to our school to share their experiences with our students in order to help them understand the job market in advance. All of these come down to the substantial accomplishment in practical experiences, internship and job consulting.


The employment data show that the numbers of current graduates in translation and interpreting fields are not many, but the graduates still can apply what they have learned to the trading business, education industry, and other industries. In pursuing further education, the graduates choose either to study translation and interpreting or to study different subjects in foreign countries or Taiwan.