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Future Outlook

   The department in its pursuit of improvement and excellence established these following regulations:


1.Cross-departmental Program

The cross-departmental program and others foreign language departments agreed on implementing (De,fr,Esp,Jpn)  eng-ch-jpn  eng-ch-esp, eng-ch-de, eng-ch-fr and multilingual translation-proofreading. 
Moreover, the department intends to create double degree and long-distance courses program for students. 


2.Enhance guidance program

Heighten the teaching quality by improving teacher’s online instruction that gives the possibility of previewing and reviewing the lessons. In addition, heighten teacher’s interaction with student in order to improve students’ efficiency and competence.
The w-portfolio provides online career system, online records, o
nline teaching and improves teachers’ computer and internet abilities along with teaching qualities.


3.Improve learning environment

Improve the department’s facilities, online learning environment and usage of translation’s softwares. In addition, heighten interpretation classrooms practice and industry mechanism practice.


4.Encourage international certifications

Encourage the obtantion of international and professional certifications and support teachers and students into acquiring international license.


5.Pioneer Exhibition Internship

 Heighten the immersion of foreign language learning by joining service industries such as international Convention and Exhibition. Students will be able to enhance their language abilities and used it in international exhibition. Hence, in the field of translation and interpreting market, they will be able enhance their competitiveness in the workplace.


6.Deepen Industry cooperation

Strengthen cooperation with industries, government, international conventions, and cultural studies publishers in order to enhance learning, teachers and students practical experiences.





7.Expand international exchange

Deepen international cooperation exchange and encourages students to apply for exchange programs in sister schools to strengthen academic cooperation and a mutually beneficial practices. Moreover, invite professors for short-term or long-term for delivering lectures, in order to broaden teachers and students international perspectives.