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Teaching Objectives


Goals and visions

We encourage our students and professors to actively devote themselves to academic researches, international exchanges, industry-academic cooperation, community services and professional internship. We expect that while we are developing our features, we can also complete the following achievements:
  • Cultivating the Translation Talents
As above mentioned, we cultivate the translation talents who equip themselves with the abilities of ESP that the industries need the most via our programs.
  • Key Position of Translation-related Academic Research
Through the international exchanges and the industry-academic cooperation, we consolidate the researches of translation theory by combining both the domestic and foreign sources and strengthen the applied researches such as building up the database of translation terminology. We also would like to extend our researches into leading the studies of translation.
  • Promoting Industry-academic Cooperation
The goals of technical and commercial education aim to rich students’ practical experiences and develop the industry-academic cooperation. We actively form the cooperation plans and encourage students to join the conference-translation services and the projects of translation software. We hope that, by offering students the internship, they can improve their own professional practical ability.
  • Regional Translation and Interpreting Service Center
Due to the frequent international exchanges, such as World Games in Kaohsiung in 2009 and International Lion Club Annual Session, the demand of foreign languages reception personnel and document translation is urgent. Cooperating with Translation and Conference Service Center of our school, we offer the professional service and language counseling. 

Pioneer of Multilingual Translation and Interpreting

Cater for globalization and frequent interactions among the countries. Thus, “multilingual translation and interpreting” is inevitable. There are several language departments in our school: English, Japanese, French, German and Spanish, so we combine the relevant resources with ours and recruit experienced professionals in order to have more development and research in multilingual translation and interpreting trainings.